13 Days In

On June 11, Steve and I started our journey to get healthier. Our reason is our infant daughter, Ada. Through adoption, we became 1st time parents in January. It was a post-birth placement, so we were surprised. We’re older parents. I’m about to turn 38, and Steve turned 43 this past Spring.

We’re also unhealthy. When we looked at ourselves and looked at our future with our daughter, it became clear that we needed to do something. Steve was a musical actor in his younger days, which meant he was a lot healthier than he is now. I have struggled with my weight and health since I was a kid. I have PCOS, so my health is not the best. We were not doing anything to make ourselves healthier. So even though we’re in our late 30’s, early 40’s, we feel much older. That would not be a good life for our daughter.

For months, we went back and forth on how we should work on our health, but we could find something that we liked. When quarantine began, it was overwhelming to just think about anything else except keeping Ada safe. We both gained weight. We felt worse, both psychically and mentally.

Then, we finalized our adoption via video conferencing. It was such a huge moment. I had just come home from seeing my parents and expressed how scared I was about Steve and me. I was terrified that Ada would not have parents that could run and play. I was terrified that when she was heading off to college, she would have to deal with parents who had severe health issues because they didn’t take care of themselves. I didn’t want that if we could help it. I knew that this was it. If we couldn’t work on our health for her, we would never do it. When I was driving home, I called Steve to express my fears. We had to fix this for her.

The night after our adoption finalization, Steve and I looked at each other and made our plan. We decided to try the OnDemand version of DDP Yoga. I had a co-worker who had lost over 200 pounds and had gotten healthier doing this program combined with eating better. My teacher bestie had been doing it for a month and had already made progress. DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) had actually tried to get Steve to do it years ago when he would come to the restaurant Steve worked at. We would start working out with the modified programs: Chair Force and Stand Strong. I would also start cooking low carb since it helps with my PCOS.

So, we did it. We started working out that first day, and we loved it. It was fun and motivational. Steve and I made a deal. We would try to do this everyday for 90-100 days. So, we started. I’m using a calendar book to track the workouts we do each day.

We’re watching what we eat. So far, we’ve worked out every day for the last 13 days. We are motivating each other and that helps a lot. If I haven’t worked out by the time Steve leaves for work, he calls me to make sure I do it. We also post on Instagram and Facebook to chart our progress. So far, so good.

So this blog is just one more step in our journey to better health. I will post updates every now and then, and I’ll probably use it as a sounding board when things get weird. I also hope that this helps others who are struggling with starting, etc. Let the journey continue!

Our Before Pictures

These pictures are to show where we are at the beginning (really day 12 aka June 22.) We are monitoring our weight and our flexibility. We’ll try and post every month.

Published by Sarah Denham

Writer and creator of the Older Than I Thought and Sarah Needs Books blogs.

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